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Regular vacuuming

There is a very good reason why our experts in Venice recommend regular vacuuming for your carpets. This is advantageous in two main ways. First it ensures that you do not allow an accumulation of dust. Secondly it keeps the fibers in very good condition thus increasing durability over the long run. It is also good for saving.

Natural carpet cleaners

If you get the chance, try to use natural cleaning products like soda or tonic water. They are environmentally friendly and are unlikely to cause you serious allergies. In fact it is known that tonic water is particularly effective against coffee stains. Of course you also benefit from cheaper products. Do not worry because they are effective.

Drying methods for wet carpets

Most carpet owners would let you know that the hardest part of carpet cleaning would be waiting for the flooring to dry up. You can speed this whole process up by making sure you clean the carpet only when the sun is up and shining brightly. You can then leave it out to dry and it will do so in record time.

Always rinse tile floors after cleaning them with a liquid solution

No matter what type of commercial product you use for making the solution and what amount you dissolve in the water, some of it can remain on the tiles, cause marks and possibly damage. Such marks can also increase the risk of slipping on the floor. For these reasons, you should always remember to rinse the floor with cool fresh water.

An artistic accent

If you're into personalizing your home, then a beautiful artistic rug is perfect for you. You can add these accents to your bedroom or living room. It doesn't matter whether you already have wall to wall carpeting, a beautiful rug is the ideal decor that can be used as an eye-catching center piece.


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